TRX Suspension Trainer

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I love fitness and as a personal trainer I like to keep learning new skills that will help my clients reach their goals. My latest CPD training (Continuing Professional Development) was on the TRX Suspension Trainer.  What an amazing piece of kit.

What is it?

Invented by a Navy SEAL, TRX suspension training uses gravity and your body weight to make workouts more challenging.

You can buy straps to use at home or find them in most gyms. The TRX is specifically designed for use in a relatively small indoor space. You just need a stable spot (like a closed door) to anchor your straps (the door anchor comes supplied with new straps) or use it outdoors as long as you have a stable place to anchor your straps (e.g tree/railings/climbing frame in the park).

The TRX is great for all abilities, as challenging as it is, it can be easily modified for people who are just starting out. I have used it a lot with beginners and less mobile clients.  Once your fitness levels increase, again it’s easy to modify and make the exercises that little bit harder so you always make great progress.

On the other end of the scale, TRX suspension training pushes your strength in unique ways. Be prepared to use muscles you didn’t know you had!


What muscles can I work with the TRX?


Core: No matter what exercise you’re doing on the TRX (and there are hundreds), almost every one of them challenges your core.

Arms: There are many possible arm and upper body exercises to do on the TRX.

Legs: You’re almost always working your legs in some way with most TRX exercises.

Glutes: Your glutes get a lot of work with most suspension exercises, and there are many butt-targeting moves.

Back: You use your entire core, including your back muscles at all times to maintain stability.

Other benefits:

The TRX training is also great for flexibility, balance, and coordination. You get an aerobic workout too even though suspension training is a strength workout, you’ll almost certainly find your heart pounding after even a brief session.




If you are new to suspension training you should work with a trainer first to learn proper form and get the most out of the TRX. I hope this overview was helpful.

Please get in touch if you’d like some tuition with this great piece of kit and let me know if you have any questions.