Don’t just take my word for it. Here are some client testimonials:

Chris G – December 2018

Four months ago I was thinking about the prospect of planned surgery on my foot and not being able to exercise as normal. Being ‘of retired age’ I consider myself to be active and healthy playing golf, attending two Zumba classed weekly, dog walking and generally being ‘on the go’ continually. Over the years I have eaten healthily and sensibly and have managed to maintain a healthy weight which I am happy with. But how was I to retain muscle tone, weight control and keeping fit whilst recuperating? Then I thought of Julie and her PT training sessions that I knew had worked for friends and fellow golfers.

Three weeks prior to surgery we started our 1:1 sessions where Julie assessed my flexibility, agility and muscle strength. Although tough initially, as it was a totally different kind of exercise, I immediately felt the benefits- increased energy levels, better sleep quality and a general feeling of wellbeing.

After surgery, mindful of my inability to weight bear on one foot, Julie devised a programme of muscle building exercises to increase my muscle tone through seated exercises using both upper body and legs. Use of a resistance band and weights added variety to the programme. Julie was very aware of my improving symptoms and the programme reflected this to be more challenging and progressing on to floor work using new muscle groups. The choice of music to reflect the intensity of the exercise also helped to stimulate my enthusiasm as well as Julie’s continual encouragement throughout.

Now eight weeks down the line, and still in a boot and on crutches, I really do feel the benefit of Julie’s expertise. I have actually lost weight, feel more flexible, have increased balance on my good leg, have better sleep patterns and my mood has been boosted by energising myself with regular repetition of the regime Julie has set me. I would totally recommend this to anybody who wants to increase fitness or to help recuperate from surgery.

Julie you are a life-saver –thank you!”


Carol H – February 2017

Personal training photo

“I am training with Julie and she is helping me work towards a good fitness level and healthy lifestyle. Something, I know I wouldn’t have managed to stick at on my own. Our sessions are varied and fun and I feel confident that it’s a long term change I will be able to maintain.”

About Carol

Occupation: computer based, part time accounts/clerical. Hobbies: dog walking, golf

Starting stats:  Age: 51            Weight: 76.2Kg / 12 Stone

BMI: 27.9         Golf handicap: 5

Current Stats: Age 52              Weight: 63.5Kg / 10 stone

BMI: 23.3         Golf handicap: 4

Carol H – Dec 2016 – Nov 2018

Before and after photos. Looking great Carol, keep up the hard work


Exercise History: Carol hadn’t done much exercise other than play regular golf and the odd bit of yoga for quite some time. In the summer occasional cycling.

Barriers to exercise: Carol admits that she is lazy and lacks motivation and time. Her worst obstacle is getting bored!

Goals: Carol’s initial goals were to get healthier and reduce her BMI, lose a stone in weight and get her handicap down to 3. Revised goals are to lose another half a stone and lower her cholesterol levels.

Action Plan: Carol will have one 60 minute session a week focusing on calorie burning exercises and flexibility. We will start gently and build up the intensity as her fitness improved. We will keep Carol interested by mixing it up each week with a combo of cardio, HIIT, resistance and abdominal exercises. We also looked at Carol’s diet before beginning the plan and she will reduce refined sugar in her diet and look at eating a more balanced diet going forward.

Progress: Carol has made tremendous progress and shown great courage and determination. Her weight dropped at a nice steady rate and after 3 months she had lost a stone. By the end of month 6 she had lost another 13 pounds and had smashed her BMI down to 24.1 (now inside the recommended healthy range). She also managed to play to 3 in a team golf competition. Go Carol!

Carol hit 10 stone after 9 months and has managed to maintain this weight over Christmas and a couple of heavy party weekends.

Carol is having another push in 2018, she has joined a local gym to up the motivation and she has been trying out lots of classes and regularly goes swimming. We are still training once a week and are focusing on progression in weight training and more intense cardio and HIIT sessions.

A word from Carol

Exercise and lifestyle change is hard. Deciding to do something about it when you are over 12 stone is hard. Maintaining exercise and sensible eating over the long term is hard.

Do I want to live a healthy and long life? Yes.

Would I have quit by now without Julie? 100% yes.

Basically I’m fairly lazy. I need a date in my diary to exercise that I can’t get out of. I need someone on my side, pushing me just enough and tailoring the exercise specifically to me.

For me it has been the key…that date in my diary with Julie. I have only missed one planned session all year. That just wouldn’t have happened if I was going to a class or the gym.

The benefits in the way I look are obvious and my fitness levels are up there now, but I feel better in many other ways too. I have taken control of a part of my life that was really starting to slide, and I feel good about myself. I rarely wake up in the middle of the night now and I fall asleep much quicker. In the mornings, I wake up rested, energised and loosey goosey. That really is a massive improvement.

Does it get easier? Maybe a little, the chocolate cravings go down that’s for sure. On your own it’s really tough. I would recommend Julie in your corner for long-term success.


Helen S – February 2017

“Julie is a great motivator and I would highly recommend her services. She is helping me reach my fitness goal. I’ve already lost weight and I’m feeling stronger, fitter and happier. Thank you Julie”

 Helen S –  July 2017

Had a weigh in from Helen today, she has lost just shy of 10kg! Just look at the size of the 10kg weight pile compared to the teeny lemon. AMAZING WORK, keep it up 🙂


Helen H – January 2017

“I have been having personal training with Julie since November last year and despite Christmas getting in the way, we are starting to see results! I am starting to tone up and lose weight. She puts me through my paces every week and we plan what other forms of exercise I will undertake in addition to her sessions. She has motivated me to make some changes to my diet and is always very encouraging.”