1-2-1 Personalised Fitness  Coaching

I offer personal fitness coaching in the privacy and comfort of your own home or via Zoom online at a time that fits into your schedule. Social distancing measures will be observed at all times for in person training if allowed under Tier Restrictions. Once we’ve nailed down your goal, you’re personal fitness plan will be designed to fit around your lifestyle and we’ll work together to reach your desired outcome.

Being in your own familiar surroundings can be more enjoyable than a gym environment for many people, especially in the light of COVID-19. You’ll feel more relaxed and you can play your favourite music to help release those “feel good” endorphins as we work through your bespoke training programme to reach your health and fitness goal.

We can even take the session into the garden if you prefer to exercise outdoors, weather permitting.

We’ll regularly review and discuss your progress going forward and adapt your programme to make sure it supports your ongoing development so you get that outcome.

Eventually you’ll be confident and proficient enough to keep up the training and lifestyle behaviours on your own.  You can always then book ad-hoc sessions to check in on your progress.


2023 1-2-1 Coaching Prices

I offer a free initial consultation to assess your suitability and our compatibility. We’ll discuss your goal, any health issues you may have and I can answer any questions that you may have about the process. This can be on the phone, via a zoom call or face to face.

PT6 £255.00

PT8 £310.00

       PT12 £450.00


PTFOOD  £99    7 day food diary analysis  Analysis of the total calories consumed and break down into quantities of fat, protein and carbohydrate, fibre, water/fluid intake and fruit/veg intake. We’ll discuss the total amounts of each required by your body per day and see how close you are to the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs). Includes manipulation of these macros to suit your outcome goal. Advice on food choices and patterns of eating with small do-able changes to help you reach your goals.

NB – All packages must be paid for in advance by cash or bank transfer. PAYG by cash on the day.

Mileage charges may apply if you are out of area.


What should I wear?

For each session you’ll need to wear comfortable sports clothing and trainers.

What else do I need to have available?

You’ll need a towel, some water to hydrate and a positive mental attitude! If you have your own equipment we’ll use that. If not a lot of exercises are effective just using your bodyweight or if we’re face to face, I’ll bring some equipment to use in the session.

What package should I buy?

To see real progress from personal training I recommend investing in either a six or eight session package.  This shows a real commitment to making a change and gives time for adaptations to occur. These training packages are offered to you at a discounted price.

How many sessions a week?

Most clients like to have at least one session with me per week. In between our planned sessions, I will also set you challenges and mini workouts to complete, it’s all about staying active and keeping motivated. If you’re not good at exercising under your own steam, I suggest two sessions with me per week.

What about nutrition?

All packages include basic lifestyle and nutritional advice to help you reach your goal. It’s not really about what you can’t eat as no food is off limits, I’ll help you understand the huge abundance of foods you can eat to help reach that goal.

You can also add on a more complex 7-14 day food diary analysis if not included, to really focus on the breakdown of types of food consumed : carbohydrates/fats/protein etc (macros). This can be quite an eye opener.



Carol “I am training with Julie and she is helping me work towards a good fitness level and healthy lifestyle. Something, I know I wouldn’t have managed to stick at on my own. Our sessions are varied and fun and I feel confident that it’s a long term change I will be able to maintain.”

Helen S  “Julie is a great motivator and I would highly recommend her services. She is helping me reach my fitness goal. I’ve already lost weight and I’m feeling stronger, fitter and happier. Thank you Julie”

Helen H “I have been having personal training with Julie since November last year and despite Christmas getting in the way, we are starting to see results! I am starting to tone up and lose weight. She puts me through my paces every week and we plan what other forms of exercise I will undertake in addition to her sessions. She has motivated me to make some changes to my diet and is always very encouraging.”

Chris :I really do feel the benefit of Julie’s expertise. I have actually lost weight, feel more flexible, have increased balance on my good leg, have better sleep patterns and my mood has been boosted by energising myself with regular repetition of the regime Julie has set me. I would totally recommend this to anybody who wants to increase fitness or to help recuperate from surgery. Julie you are a life-saver –thank you!”