Walking is vastly under-rated

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Walking is vastly under-rated as a form of exercise.
couple out walking
It’s easy, free and a great way to get more active.
I challenge you to walk every day!
10,000 is the “magic” number banded around but it can be whatever is achievable for you. You don’t have to walk for hours, unless you want to 😀
If you already do this, try to walk a little bit further every day for a week, then see how you feel.
Try to walk at a brisk pace to elevate your heart rate, you should be able to still talk but not sing!
You can measure the number of steps on a pedometer or a fitness tracker, or by time. So if you walk for 10 minutes, try to vary the route to make it 12 or 15 minutes. Or if you currently do 3000 steps, aim for 3500.
It’s nice to walk and be present in nature 🌳 or maybe you prefer to listen to music or a podcast.
I prefer a podcast, so I feel like I’m learning at the same time. My recent studies were all on video and audio so I could walk and listen to tutorials all about conditions like asthma and diabetes at the same time. Genius.
You may want to think about giving it a miss is its icy or there is snow on the ground if you’re worried about the risk of falling.
Wrap up warm and go have fun.