Fitness Trends 2021

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Fitness trends for 2021

Fitness will look a lot different in 2021.


Last year saw a huge increase in the number of home gym installations or just making room to exercise at home, as more people feel less confident in returning to the gym when restrictions are lifted.


Here are a few predictions for fitness trends in 2021:



Creating space at home to workout is more important than ever in the pandemic and it will be a hard habit to give up once lockdown eases.  Whether it’s a space to do yoga, HIIT or strength training it’s a time saver without the commute to the gym and potentially a cost saver once initial equipment is bought and the gym subscription is saved. With the rise of online classes the choice is huge.



Businesses will be trying to entice wary employees back to the office. As health is at the forefront of people’s minds, savvy companies may seek to motivate staff by offering a work gym, a time-efficient solution that removes the extra commute to and from the gym.



Not just fitness, its health and fitness. Holistic programmes cater for short and long term health & fitness goals, including weight loss, heart health and immunity.



Yoga, Pilates and Meditation are increasingly popular as people see a way to combine physical training and mental relaxation.  Covid-19 has created extra job-stress, home schooling as well as financial and health fears.



Most trainers have had to take their fitness classes online to stay in business.   There is something for everyone.



Personal training is also online now. Providing regular workouts and progress reviews.  Invaluable if you lack the motivation to do it on your own.



It’s incredible how many people go out walking now. For many of us, weekends without social plans resulted in daily walks around our local areas and socially-distanced catch-ups with a friend. There will be a big boost in outdoor boot camps going forward as people like to be as one with nature.



Although its been around for ages, High Intensity Interval Training is easy to do at home. Short workout periods at high intensity followed by short rest periods. It burns calories and fat fast.  Can be high or low impact so don’t be put off giving it a go.


In 2021 you can expect to see a huge shift in the fitness industry.

With ever-changing technology, the fitness industry is expected to keep up with the times and provide a more personalized approach to fitness and health.

From at-home workouts to virtual training and health monitoring, 2021 promises to make fitness more accessible and enjoyable for all.

Let’s move….👟