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So, have you ever been whooping? I had been doing it for years not even realising that it was often called this.

Whooping is basically buying reduced produce that is close to the sell by date or use by date.

Supermarkets and food shops are now cashing in on this produce that would have at one time been just thrown away. Which in turn means, whoopee, we can cash in and save money on our shopping by swinging by the reduced aisles when we shop.

Reduced items can be found throughout the day but the biggest price reductions tend to happen just after 5.00pm and then just after 6.00pm with some items reduced to just pennies.

My whooped regulars:

Fruit – berries, melon, grapes, pineapple. If it’s still in good condition it’ll need eating fairly quickly.  Otherwise freeze for smoothies and purees.

Top tip – freeze bananas in their skins. Peel and defrost to make healthy banana cake.

Vegetables – if it’s past its best use to make soup or freeze for a later date

Meat – some of my best bargains have been meat. Trim off any excess fat/skin and dice or chop up if necessary before freezing. It’ll save time in the future.

Fish – either eat the same day or portion up and freeze straight away

If you’re freezing fresh food, prepare it and get it in the freezer straight away. Always label food bags with the content and date it went in the freezer.

Remember that food does deteriorate over time in the freezer so keep a list and use regularly.


My love of whooping led purchasing a small chest freezer as I kept running out of room in my normal freezer. So only buy what you can use or freeze to avoid waste and throwing food away.

Here’s my latest batch of whooped goodies, saving a total of £5.56 off the full price – what a bargain. I cooked the hake fillets that evening, froze a pack of cooked chicken breast and the potatoes and radish will get eaten over the next few days.