Run for freedom

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The time of day you primarily want to be active and exercise can be determined not just by your work schedule but also by your circadian rhythm, so are you a night owl or a lark?

I am definitely a lark, and in an ideal world I like to be up early and tick off my exercise first thing, otherwise I run the risk that life will get in the way and it just won’t happen. It also sets me up for the day and I feel motivated and ready to tackle anything. My other half on the other hand is the complete opposite, he prefers to hit the gym or exercise after work, which is also OK and a great way to de-stress after a busy day or even just after sitting in front of a computer all day. You often have to experiment with exercise at different times of the day until you find what works for you. It may well be a pick and mix.

Why I love running…

Today it’s Saturday and I went for a run at 7.30am this morning, just around the village where I live. Running is now one of my go to defaults when I’m short on time and want to kick start my day.

I haven’t always been a runner, and some people might question this claim as I don’t run that far, usually about 5K and it can take between 30-35 minutes depending on how willing my legs are to co-operate. I have built up to this distance over a couple of years and, never say never, but at the moment, I have no burning desire to run further or particularly faster, but I do LOVE running.

There is such a feeling of freedom from being outside, enjoying the elements, no special equipment required you’re just propelled along by your own steam. Your whole being comes alive, along with your senses:

  • SEE so much more when you’re on foot, the same is true also of just walking or just being out and watching the sun come up is just lovely
  • HEAR the humdrum of life, especially in the morning as the world is waking up and you’re already out there taking part or listen to your favourite tunes to spur you on
  • SMELL the roses (if there are any about) or just enjoy, whether it’s the smell of newly cut grass, hot tarmac or bacon cooking from inside someone’s home.
  • TOUCH of your feet pounding the ground, feel the terrain under you, different levels and textures
  • TASTE satisfaction, enjoy every minute of being out there, enjoy sucking the air into your lungs, feel invigorated, feel freedom. Not to mention how good your post workout snack / breakfast /dinner will taste as your metabolism is revved up after exercise and your body eagerly awaits replacement energy stores.

I did buy specific running shoes that provide excellent cushioning as I know that road running is quite hard on your knees. If you have somewhere to run off road, even better. And I also invested in some reflective clothing as it’s really important to be safe and be seen by others when you’re out!

If I go away for the weekend or go on holiday I always pack my running kit. There’s nothing quite like running around a new area just exploring. I have often come across a good restaurant and farm shop this way.

If you’re still not sure, why not start running with a buddy or a personal trainer. Exercise is much more fun with two and by the time you’ve had a good chin wag it’ll all be over and you can bask in the glow of feeling good. Let me know how you get on.

NB: As with any new exercise programme remember to seek medical advice first if you have any health issues or concerns. Always warm up beforehand and cool down afterwards to help ease your muscles, above all be kind to your body and build up slowly.