No time to exercise?

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When your to-do-list is longer than your shoe wish list you know you’re in trouble and exercise usually goes right to the bottom of the priority pile.

STOP and re-evaluate this, check out these 9 health benefits of exercise – research proves that exercise not only promotes oodles of health benefits it ALSO makes brain cells stronger so you’ll feel calmer, more alert and more focused after exercise.

There’s a new link at the bottom of the blog on How to Build Your Own Workout Routines – Advice from a Two-time Olympian, go check it out.

So how can we fit it in?

1.0 An exercise session or run at the beginning of the day could help you plough through that to-do-list in no time. Job done.

2.0  Get moving during the day, using a pedometer can be very motivating. Try these:

  • Walk to work or the paper shop
  • Stand up more often, especially if you have a desk job. Pace up and down whilst on the telephone, or pretend you don’t have a remote control and stand up and walk to the TV every time you change channel, or walk to the next room or upstairs to speak to your partner / child, instead of speaking through a wall or shouting up the stairs.
  • Take the stairs every time instead of the lift / escalator
  • Don’t sit with your ankles crossed, let the blood flow freely
  • Take regular breaks and stretch often throughout the day
  • Get outdoors, fresh air is a great tonic
  • Keep hydrated, on the plus side more toilet breaks = more walking

3.0    Exercise throughout the day in short bursts, try these:

  • Practice standing on one leg whilst brushing your teeth to increase balance or just march on the spot
  • Whilst you’re waiting by the printer or in the coffee shop queue do some calf raises (lift up onto your toes and lower back down)
  • Work those abs whilst standing or sitting by pulling in your bellybutton to your spine, hold for 10-15 seconds and release, repeat. Remember not to hold your breath, keep breathing normally.
  • Whilst sitting simply squeeze the buttocks, hold for 10-15 seconds and release.
  • Waiting for the kettle to boil? Grab two baked bean cans or bottles of water and do some bicep curls (elbows should stay pinned to your sides as you squeeze your biceps on the way up) or try some front raises (start with your arms by your sides and extend them out in front of you up to shoulder height and back down)
  • 3 O’clock lull? Wake up those legs with a seated leg raise (whilst sitting, straighten both legs out in front of you and hold for 10-15 seconds, lower without touching your feet to the ground and repeat 10 times. To add more resistance, loop your handbag or briefcase over your ankles.

4.0 In the evening – exactly how much time do you spend in front of the TV? Utilise this time to do some exercises or stretching wCartoon TVhilst still watching your favourite programmes.


So, lets get to it! Here’s a great article from Sports Fitness Advisor by Jacky Anderson How to Build Your Own Workout Routines – Advice from a Two-time Olympian




Like most things in life, exercise can be easier to fit into our busy lifestyles if it becomes a healthy habit or we plan and make time for it, no more excuses. Whether it’s a regular class, a session with your personal trainer or a walk at lunch time, we can all find time to exercise and feel good.