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It’s time to get ready to celebrate National Pie week starting on the 6th March.

I’ve been on a mission to find some healthier alternatives to traditional PIE. I hold my hands up, I do love a good stodgy pie now and again (and I’m not talking Pukka by the way, those days are long gone!) but if I order pie when I’m out it doesn’t just stop with the pie, it’ll be pie and CHIPS, so then we’re looking at serious carb on carb action. Of course, it’s OK as an occasional treat, BUT, why should pie be for high days and holidays. Here are the results of my pie quest so maybe we can indulge ourselves in pie, guilt free more often:

Chicken, leek and mushroom – a British classic with a twist

Photo of chicken, leek and mushroom piePhoto chicken, leek and mushroom pie plated






I have always liked the thought of chicken and mushroom pie but then I remember back to when I’ve ordered it in a pub/restaurant and I have just been disappointed. Dry, tasteless chicken and soggy pastry, yuk. So, here’s my home-made pastry free version.

Lovely leeks, carrots, mushrooms and peas softened in chicken stock. Tasty diced chicken thighs and tarragon for bags of flavour, topped with a mix of white potato and sweet potato. The pie made 4 servings so Sunday night’s tea after golf – sorted!

I served this with loads more veg, a mix of chantenay carrots (which are particularly sweet at the moment), broccoli, cauliflower and kale.

Click here for this Chicken and Mushroom Pie recipe


And then to Greece for Spanakopita

I am by no means vegetarian but this sort of food could easily persuade me. Spinach and lovely salty feta cheese wrapped like a big birthday hug in crisp, melt in the mouth filo pastry, do I need to go on?







I’m serving this with a big lush Greek salad, another of my all time favourites.

Click here for this Spanakopita recipe






And then off to Hungary, an open fusion pie of puff pastry topped goulash.

Sounds a bit weird but tasted fantastic. You can always substitute the goulash for beef stew, it’ll work just as well. I cooked the puff separately and just popped it on top of the warmed goulash.

Photo of goulash pie plated







Another fusion, this time with India – Curried Mince Filo Pie

A bit like a healthy samosa. Not the prettiest dish but Mr Rose was a big fan of the taste!

Photo of curried mince platedReally simple to make. Dry fry mince, onion, garlic, fresh ginger and a grated potato. Stir in 1 tbsp of curry powder and plain flour. Add beef stock (about 300ml) and simmer for 10-15 minutes before finally adding peas and lemon juice. Top with 2 sheets of lightly oiled filo scrunched up. Bake for 15-20 minutes about 160°C. I served mine with lemony garlic greens.


Last but not least, back to Blighty for some heart warming fish pie.

The addition of boiled eggs and lemon really works. It’s quite a light dish, click here for the recipe.

Photo fish pie uncookedPhoto fish pie cheese and tomato topping







Have fun celebrating pie!