Healthy snacks for the office


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Healthy snacks for the office

Whilst training a client a while back we got chatting about diet and lifestyle.

I do LOVE to chat about food .

She asked me for some ideas for healthy snacks that were appropriate for the workplace, taking into account that offices aren’t the best environments to whip out your boiled eggs mid-afternoon. They do tend to linger somewhat!

I made a few suggestions and since then I’ve elaborated on my list so I thought I’d share it with you. I tend to go for things not in a packet if I can as they are more wholesome and usually contain less sugar.

    1. Nuts – A small handful of nuts are a great portable snack. I weight mine at home in the morning and carry them around with me (just in case!). Nuts are high in fat though so stick to a 25-30g portion size.
    2. Dates – 4-5 dates easily satisfy a sugar craving. Can be dried or soft-pitted.
    3. Rice cakes & peanut butter – sandwich two rice cakes together with a thin scraping of peanut butter.
    4. Hummus & crudites – a bit more effort as you need to prepare the vegetables. I like the small snack pots of hummus for portion control.
    5. Banana – on its own or eat with a few whole almonds, yum
    6. Apple – on its own or with a small piece of cheese or babybell
    7. Apple/orange mixcut up an apple and segment an orange.
    8. Grapes – take a small handful to work and not the whole bunch otherwise you’ll eat them all and they’re quite high in sugar!
    9. Blueberries – about 50g
    10. Chicken drumstick – oven cook some drumsticks at the start of the week then wrap individually in foil. You can take the skin off. Add flavour by roasting with dried herbs or sprinkling with Cajun seasoning or chilli flakes.
    11. Sweet potato muffin click here for the recipe


Get your tuppaware pots out at the weekend and get organised for that snack attack.

If you have any of your own favourites let me know in the comments box below.